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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Muffin tin sort: toddler transfer and preschool patterns

Oh, how we love our muffin tins.  We just keep using them for various fun things like sorting games and cup swaniches.   

Little Lady used a big bowl and a muffin tin for a transfer and sort activity using various toys.  

Not only did she pluck the toys from the bowl and plop them in the muffin tin, she also chewed on a toy farmer.  Teething is hard!

She banged the toys against the bowl.  Music!

And no toddler activity is complete without some dumping.

But then she sorted again (still chewing).

And no matter what we're doing, she tries to climb on or get in something in some manner.  See her foot?  It just had to rest on top of the muffin tin.  

I have found that if I leave these things out, she'll revisit them throughout the day for a few minutes at a time.  

One day I pulled the big muffin tin out for Mini Me to see if he could do some blind folded patterns like we did with our pool noodles.   

We were trying to do a ball, flower, ball, flower pattern.  It was tough, especially with an interested little sister.

Do you like our pink, hooded bath towel / blindfold?  

This pattern was ball, ball, flower.  Having the individual slots in the muffin tin really helps Mini Me think about patterns - it is a challenge for him.

Everyone wants to play!  The pattern making was a bit difficult for Mini Me this time.  We are definitely going to try this one again.


  1. I found a mini cupcake tin at the Goodwill and will be putting it on the shelves this week! Thanks for the grea idea!

  2. Oh that poor little farmer. Haha! I love all of these ideas. It's wonderful what all you can do with a muffin tin. We've only recently started using ours for things other than muffins and cupcakes. :)


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